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    amount truncated

      hello my name is Joel and I am a beginner in jd edwards finance consultant. THESE days we encounter problems on the amounts to amounts that knowledge by way of integrality.
      AS example, instead of 100000 SYSTEM 100 records
      I want you to m 'aidiez find a script or program if possible definitely to solve these problems.
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          Bruno Condemi
          two possible reason for this are:
          1)Datadictionary change
          2)local dd corruption

          you need to verify this with your JDE CNC.

          Best regards

          Bruno Condemi
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            thank you very much bruno but the track but the problem is that I'm new and I just came across this probleme.et I want you to help me to solve it technically. CORDIALEMENT
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              Good evening all waiting for an answer to my problem of truncated amount I would just like to clarify that the system is operating normally but these amounts are truncated in some users and these amounts appear unexpected way. This is a problem that is very serious and has since created the gaps between the ballances please ensure me help solve this problem.