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    Deprecated and internal proprietary API in Java

      Hi, all

      I'm facing a problem right now that our product is near to the ending of the life cycle and won't t have big release from 2013. Hence we are thinking that the JRE/JDK in the product should be stable enough and will not have significant change in the future. After a checking of the latest load build of the product with JDK1.7.0_09, we found that we did have many warnings regarding to the Deprecated API and internal proprietary API like ORB, ORBSocketFactory, IIOPProfileTemplate etc.

      So, I'm doubting...should I find the way to replace those Deprecated and internal proprietary APIs? Is it really necessary? Where can I find APIs to replace them? Any documents?

      I have been frustrated with the doubt for long time, hopefully anyone can help me.

      Thanks in advanced.