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    CC&B TPW Setup Error

      I need to start the TPW on a CC&B 2.3.1 Linux box. It’s my first time and the obvious (do it like on MDM), didn’t work. Fails with a “Sorry unable to load libcobjvm_sun_160_64”. message.

      The symptom can be trimmed down to:

      [cissys@ccblinux DEMO]$ cobjrun WhatJava
      Sorry unable to load libcobjvm_sun_160_64

      If libcobjvm_sun_160_64 is on shared library PATH, then ensure
      'libjava' and 'java' are found on the PATH/Shared Library PATH.

      This is the code that’s keeping the TPW from starting. The necessary directories are in PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH and the libcobjvm_sun.160-64 and libcobjvm_sun.160-64.so files are in the /opt/SPLcobAS51 directory tree as expected. There are several different dates on various mfcobol.jar files, but their contents are all identical.





      I think if I can make cobjrun WhatJava work, the TPW will start.

      Any ides??

      Thanks - PTJohn

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