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    Bug Noticed in the viewcontroller of Version

      I noticed a bug in the view/controller of the SQL developer application it is a small one i assume really easy to fix in the next release.

      Here's how to duplicate the bug. create a table with a foreign key.
      After you have created the table right click and select edit.
      Now while in the table edit window (advanced) click the foreign key control in the left column.
      You will see your associations of your foreign key when you first click on it.
      Now select another menu option lets say go back to columns.
      Now select foreign keys menu option again.
      Now this time notice that your associations for your foreign key are missing.

      I am running

      Java(TM) Platform     1.6.0_35
      Oracle IDE
      Versioning Support

      Windows 7

      Can anyone else duplicate this possible bug for me and post your results?

      Please do not forget; to post your platform and version information.

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          Gary Graham-Oracle
          Hi J,

          I can confirm the behavior you report in

          A quick check of the release currently under development shows that the object editor UI has been reworked. The left column now offers only one item for constraints ( Constraints ). Select it and a table appears on the upper right listing constraints by type. Clicking a foreign key constraint causes the constraint details, including associations, to appear on the lower right. All details are preserved when switching between the object attribute types listed in the left column.

          SQL Developer Team