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    Cannot Set Target Name in creation of Named Credential via emcli

      I am trying to create both a host named credential and a database named credential via emcli. I see the example bleow in the documentation.

      emcli create_named_credential -cred_name=NC1 -auth_target_type=host -cred_type=HostCreds -attributes="HostUserName:foo;HostPassword:bar"

      However this syntax creates a global credential account because target name is not specified. When I place -target_name in the command it says global

      emcli create_named_credential -cred_name=CRED_NAME -auth_target_type=host -cred_type=HostCreds -target_name=hostName -attributes="HostUserName:oracle;HostPassword:secret"


      WARNING: Target name/type ignored, global scope credential created.

      Why is the target_name parameter being ignored?