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    Dom0 memory in 3.2.1

      I have a question about increasing the RAM in 3.2.1 servers. I now have 64GB on two nodes running 18VMs (mostly Windows 2008). I have added enough servers to consume all the RAM and have notice some weird anomalies. Such as network dropping periodically even tho cpu and memory utilization is low, but if I migrate the troubled VM to the other node that has less VMs on it.....the problem goes away.

      So I ordered another 64GB for each node....which will bring me to 128GB on each node.

      Does the system adjust for the new RAM?

      I also have many ISCSI Luns (29 as of now, more to come), but have read that I may need to adjust the Dom0 RAM if I have performance issues (Which it sounds like I am having)


      With the new RAM, the new setting should be this...
      kernel /xen.gz console=com1,vga com1=38400,8n1 dom0_mem=4000M

      With all the ISCSI luns, should the dom0_mem be set higher? If so, by how much?