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    Modifying searchTimeLimit on a webservice type resource

      Hi! we have a problem when doing massive updatings: one of our resources make a call to a webservice which then calls one amongst many other possible services that do some operations on a database and an LDAP servers. The problem is that on massive updatings some of that operations appear to fail, possibly for a concurrency problem, lossing valuable data on our LDAP. And since they don't notify the service about this issue we can't know about it on our IDM in order to alert the user.

      The problem with the LDAP service can't be solved right now, so we was thinking on modifying the searchTimeLimit variable (ResourceAdapter.RA_SEARCH_TIME_LIMIT)), doubling it, so the updating had enough time to wait for the response (we hope so). My question is, does it has to be modified on the resource class, overriding the default value? or can we change it from the XPRESS code.. or maybe from the resource configuration xml file? (I tried this last one but with no luck).

      If anyone out there has faced this issue before me.. any help would be much appreciated.

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