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    Would Mobile Server Work In This Scenario

      Let's say I have a legacy Windows desktop application (written in C++) that is installed on about 1000 PCs/laptops distributed around the world. This app uses a locally installed Oracle 11g DB. The individual databases are not very large and have a relatively low transaction count. The app is not always network connected and bandwidth when it is can be on the low side.

      Assuming the Oracle 11g DB on the client was replaced with Sqlite, would it make sense to use the Mobile Server solution as a way to sync selected data to a central 11g DB? From reading the documentation it would seem that all I would have to do is create a simple mobile app that could be installed on the client (including the "mobile client" software) alongside the legacy app. The new mobile app would only perform the functions necessary to set up a push-only synchronization model. The legacy app wouldn't need to touched at all (except for any change due to the switch to sqlite).

      Is this doable or am I missing something?

      Appreciate any replies.
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          yes this seems a valid senario.
          you will have some issues migrating to the sqllite (perhaps some queries changes) , dont forget that sqllite has (if im not mistaken) a smaller subset of the sql commands than the 11g. but apart from that yes, you will have a mobile server with a centralized 11g db, the clients will have sqllite(if you use the new olite or olitedb if you use the older olite 10gr3) and they can synchronize regularly.

          synch can happen on user click,on a timely fashion, or even when the server pushes a request for sync.
          you will have to follow the structure of olite, create the publications, mobile app etc so have a look at the olite samples/documentation and also posts in this forum for help