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    Problem resolving Connection Factory JNDI in OSB


      I am facing a problem with JMS setup on my OSB domain. I have one clustered domain on my local Windows Machine and another domain on Linux server.
      In both environments the domain is clustered with one admin and two managed servers running on same machine.
      I created following artifacts in weblogic console of both environments:
      1. File stores - Targeted to each individual managed server
      2. JMS Servers - Targeted to each individual managed server
      3. JMS Module
      4. Connection Factory - Targeted to the cluster
      5. Distributed JMS queue - Targeted to a subdeployment which targets the JMS servers within the cluster

      In Windows environment the setup works fine and I am able to publish messages(using a business service) on the queue.
      In Linux environment however I face issues while publishing the message to the JMS queue(using a business service).
      I get the following error:
      [JMSPool:169803]JNDI lookup of the JMS connection factory TestCF failed: weblogic.jndi.internal.AdminModeAccessException: Unable to resolve 'TestCF'. Resolved ''; remaining name ''     
      I have already verified following:
      1. Folders are created at correct location in both environments for file persistent stores.
      2. JMS servers are shown in running state
      3. I am able to see the connection factory and queue in the JNDI tree for each managed server in the domain

      The business service endpoint is like this:
      I have also tried with following URI in business service:
      One difference between the environments (apart from OS ofcourse) is that in Windows env I am using Sun JDK while in Linux I am using jRockit.

      Any idea what might be causing the problem?