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    Problems using user defined activitys in Process Flows

      Hi everybody,

      i have problems using an user defined activity in my owb process flow.

      I did the following according to https://blogs.oracle.com/warehousebuilder/entry/how_to_use_user_defined_activity_in_owb_process_flow.

      1. create a script in /tmp called test.sh
      2. chmod +x on the script so it can be executed
      3. Changed the Runtime.properties file under ORACLE_HOME/owb/bin/admin
      property.RuntimePlatform.0.NativeExecution.FTP.security_constraint = NATIVE_JAVA
      property.RuntimePlatform.0.NativeExecution.Shell.security_constraint = NATIVE_JAVA
      property.RuntimePlatform.0.NativeExecution.SQLPlus.security_constraint = NATIVE_JAVA
      property.RuntimePlatform.0.NativeExecution.OMBPlus.security_constraint = NATIVE_JAVA

      4. Creating an Process Flow with just the user defined activity
      5. Deploying the Process flow was successfull

      But everytime i execute the pf i get the following error in my Job Details.

      Log file is available. Click Information button to view.                                             

      It says Log file is available. But i can't find this file. Also i don't know what the problem is.

      Can anybody help me out of this?

      Thanks a lot