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    uncommittedDataWarning raised from a programmatic VO

      Hello everyone!

      I'm using jDev

      We have an ADF application and we just inserted the uncommittedDataWarning="on" in the af:document in all .jspx pages.
      Things seem to be working OK in all .jspx pages except a few ones with the following characteristics.

      These pages have a small panelGroupLayout with some very important filter criteria (input fields) that the user uses to refine his/her query results. It's not a VC.
      The criteria entered by the user actually feed a programmatic VO, some checks are performed and finally some executeWithParams are executed.
      The results shown to the user are read-only and everything is fine up to now.
      The point is that when the user tries to navigate away from the page, he/she gets the warning:
      This page contains uncommitted data.
      Would you like to perform navigation?
      Press OK to continue, or Cancel to abort navigation.
      It is the changes in the programmatic VO that raise the flag of uncommittedDataWarning.
      That shouldn't be happening since the user does not make any obvious change. He/she doesn't even have commit/rollback operation available (since it doesn't make sense).

      Do have any idea how to tackle this problem? uncommittedDataWarning is a very nice feature that we want to use...

      Thanks a lot