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Need a logic to load a table

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Hi All,

I am trying to figure out a logic to load a table from 3 differnt tables... below are the tables
contact_id        DS_ID                           
(Number)       (Varchar2)                     

CR_Type_ID          CR_Type  
(Number)            (Varchar2)

S_CR_Type_ID          CR_TYPE
(Varchar2)             (Varchar2)
Contact.DS_ID =Source_CR_Type.S_CR_Type_ID (the relation between contact and Source_CR_Type is 1:M)

Distinct Source_CR_Type.CR_TYPE = CR_TYpe.CR_Type

The table that needs to be loaded is MAP_CON_CR_TYPE
MAP_ID          COntact_id          CR_Type_ID              
(Number)        (Number)            (Number)
can any one help me with a logic to load this bridge table or suggest me how to approch.

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