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    ORA-0001 on dequeue?

      In production every now and then we get an ORA-0001 error when dequeuing a message. We use:
      1 Solaris 10
      2 Oracle 10g
      3 C++ application
      4 PROC*C with dbms_aq package for queuing operations
      5 Queues with XML payload
      6 We handle a large volume of messages (1K/min).

      Any clue why would a dequeue result in an ORA-0001 (unique constraint) error?
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          No it is not an issue I have ever come across on dequeue. The only time I could imagine this happening is on enqueue if the MSGID is not unique. Only on AIX have i seen an issue related to ORA-1 on enqueue.

          On dequeue your msgid has already been created and you are effectively just selecting out the message.

          The only way I could you progressing this would be to set an errorstack on ORA-1 but that would be more trouble than it is worth unless you can be reasonably sure you can reproduce the issue within a small timeframe otherwise you will get lots of tracefiles for perfectly legitimate ORA-1 errors.