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    12.1.3 AP Supplier Site issue where for Supplier Type=Foriegn Supplier

      Greetings Comrads;

      We are a Shared Service Provider for various of the US agencies,
      as such we have Millions of Supplier Sites.

      When we "upgrade" from 11i to 12.1.3 (actually we are still in triage mode),
      we noticed that for those existing Suppliers whose TYPE = Foreign Supplier, the Country Code
      (the bottom field) is not displaying the Country value (in Address Book). Why so when these values
      existed in 11i , shouldn't they carry over also? (So, this was my first question).
      What's weird is, not all Foreign Supplier type has this issue - since there are millions of sites
      per org_id, manually, I am unable to review and confirm if each one of them having
      this issue or not but, by random checking, I noticed that not all foreign suppliers type
      have this issue. I would appreciate anyone who can provide a script that
      can help me gather the foreign supplier sites missing the County value....

      Another thing that makes it hard is, I think this issue is also a combination
      of functional and technical - I say this because, Lets say the Supplier is Company A (type=foreign supplier),
      it has a supplier site - lets call it - Paris1.
      On the Address book form (the HTML form), France is populated in the Country field (at the top), but not at the bottom.
      (If any of u need a screenshot of this so I can illustrate it better, please let me know).
      BUT - And here is the catch - When I query this supplier site id on ap_supplier_sites_all,
      I do see a Value in the Country column ... So, what gives... This bring the next two questions:

      For Supplier Type = Foreign Supplier:
      What table and which field exactly populate the Country field on the top?
      What table and which field exactly populate the Country field on the bottom?
      (Please provide answer for BOTH for how it is in 11i and in R12 please)

      Upon research in Metalink I learned that in R12,
      the Supplier Site's address is no longer using the Payables Site Address DFF (-please refer to Note ID 145069.1)

      but now, with TCA, it is using the AR Address DFF. (-Please refer to Note ID 1265452.1)
      Maybe we have miss a step for the pre/post upgrade steps - But I am not sure where - and this is becoming so hard to pin point.
      While we do have some data corruption going on (all of which have been covered by
      various notes in Metalink), I do not think those corruptions are causing the existing Country value not to be carried over
      after the upgrade to R12.

      And, another thing, in R12.1.3, when we create a new supplier, We can populate a country
      value in both the top and bottom Country field in Address Book, so, this issue is just
      happening to those exsiting values from 11i.

      I appreciate any help.