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    cmo.lookup<thing>("thing's name")

      So I've found this convention quite useful:

      wls:/wls_domain/serverConfig> blah = cmo.lookupFileStore("wlsFileStore1")
      wls:/wls_domain/serverConfig> print(blah)

      wls:/wls_domain/serverConfig> blah = cmo.lookupFileStore("wlsFileStoreDoesntExist")
      wls:/wls_domain/serverConfig> print(blah)

      Stick that in a function, do a try:, and if it comes back "None," I know I've not found the thing.

      For just about all the JMS stuff I've come across, FileStores, Queues, DistributedDestinations, etc. I've been able to craft some kind of lookup method - Until now

      I'm trying to determine the existence of a DurableSubscriber in a serverRuntime tree, but no variation of the "cmo.lookup" seems to work.

      The object itself says it's a Type: JMSDurableSubscriberRuntime, but if I do a "cmo.lookupJMSDurableSubscriberRuntime" or any variation thereof, I just get an:

      AttributeError: lookupJMSDurableSubscriberRuntime

      Is this kind of method just not available in the serverRuntime hierarchy?

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