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    Application Server 10g - How to Access Form and Reports Client Side

      Windows XP Pro
      Oracle 10 Database and Developer

      I developed a software in 10g, it is working on my local computer, I can run all forms in browser.
      Now I want to run this software client side browser.
      I installed Application server
      after Installation of AS I copy server information in notepad.
      Use the following URL to access the Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Application Server Control Console : 
      The following information is available in: 
      Oracle Application Server 10g Usernames and Default password information: Please refer to the Oracle Application Server 10g Administrator Guide for more information.
      Install Type: J2EE and Web Cache Services
      Configured Components: Oracle HTTP Server, Oracle Application Server 10g Containers for J2EE, 
      Use the following URL to access the Oracle HTTP Server and the Welcome Page:
      Use the following URL to access the Oracle Enterprise Manager Application Server Control:
      Instance Name: Oracle.SERVER1-it
      when I tried to access http://SERVER1-it:18100 this address asking me user and password.
      I set Oracle user and Server123 password at the time of installation but now it is not accepting.
      I do not have idea what seating I should have to do in my application server and how to run my software at client side in browser.

      Kindly advise.