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    red hat linux 6.3 FRA asm diskgroup creation

      ** Red Hat Linux 6.3 with no asmlib*, Red Hat going forward is using udev.
      * Oracle Grid infrastructure
      * Oracle Real Application Cluster
      * Created NFS share for ASM shared storage
      * Two node ASM is up and running using the NFS shared /DATA/* with /DATA/asm_dsk1, /DATA/asm_dsk2, /DATA/asm_dsk3
      * Two node Database using the NFS /DATA/* for database
      * I also have NFS shared /FRA for both nodes

      * Creating Fast Recovery Area asm diskgroup "FRA" which has /FRA/asm_dsk4, /FRA/asm_dsk5, /FRA/asm_dsk6 disks.
      Recommendations on how to create this diskgroup with external redundancy would be appreciated.
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          I don't understand your problem... you would greate the FRA diskgroup the same way you created the DATA diskgroup, then define db_recovery_file_dest{size} to point to +FRA.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
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            The issue is the following:
            1. created the grid infrastructure using Red Hat Linux 6.3 OS and Oracle
            2. The diskgroup created during the silent install of Grid Infrastructure was the /DATA path of Data Diskgroup, which is working fine.
            3. I am not using oracleasm libraries because it is no longer supported on Red Hat Linux 6.3 and future releases because udev essentially provides similar functionality.
            4. I have an NFS Shared Filesystem "/FRA" for which I've create three block files to serve to ASM, similar to that of "/DATA" for the baseline Grid Infrastructure install. The two nodes are able to access the /FRA/asm_dsk4 ...
            5. I'm teaching myself how to perform Grid Infrastructure custom install in my lab.

            6. Not using Oracleasm libraries on Red Hat Linux 6.3 is what I'm trying to figure out to create an external redundancy diskgroup "FRA", using Sqlplus or asmca.
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              Got Oracle Grid Infrastructure to work on Red Hat Enterprise 6.3 Linux with out using asmlib and oracleasm.

              SQL> alter system set asm_diskstring='/DATA/','/FRA/' scope=both;
              SQL> show parameters asm_diskstring
              NAME TYPE VALUE
              ---------------------------------------- ------------------------------ ------------------------------------------
              asm_diskstring string /DATA/, /FRA/

              SQL> create diskgroup FRA external redundancy disk '/FRA/';
              Diskgroup created.

              SQL> select name,state, total_mb, free_mb from v$asm_diskgroup;

              --------------------- -------------- ----------------- ----------------
              DATA MOUNTED 500,000 494,000
              FRA MOUNTED 200,000 194,000

              The issue I had encountered that was that I tried to install and configure Grid Infrastructure the way that I had previously using Red Hat Linux 5.5, 5.8 and then 6.0. I had decided to install Red Hat Linux 6.3 which does not support Oracle asmlib and oracleasm to keep up with the technology and to be innovative.

              Oracle has added significant enhancements to Grid Infrastructure. The only way to become aware of these enhancements is to "Do It". I've documented this implementation and will now