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    BoQ in PJC

      Hi Dina,

      Really thank for all the great service you provide on this forum ...helping people out here....would request one more help ...

      We have Project Costing and Project Billing modules set out for implementation

      Client wants to fit BoQ structure into Project Costing module.....understand that there are work arounds in other modules (project contracts/mgmt.) but we are not using it unfortunately.

      All he wants is
      1. To have a BoQ structure in place to able to view and work - a kind of a BoQ workbench
      2. To be able to associate/map these elements to each of the tasks in WBS
      3. To plot the estimates against each of the BoQ elements and apply the profit margins (as per contract agreement terms) on these estimates and calculate estimate revenue and profits
      4. Record actuals against each of those BoQ elements - i know this is weird but atleast record actuals by task and provide a detail of actual BoQ split by the task
      5. to know how much purchase is planned and how much actual and what is the backlog
      6. Also initiate the purchases based on the backlog information from BoQ workbench

      Understand the set of requirements sounds overmuch but client has a hard stand on this - please help with some workaround or a way to achieve this

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          Dina Rotem

          Could you explain what is BoQ?

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            Hi Dina,

            I guess you definitely have an idea...BoQ- Bill Of Quantity- say incase where a contractor in construction industry will plot estimates against different tasks in the construction project.

            Task1=Ground Clearance
            Task1.1: Ground excavation:
            BQ1: Labor-> Qty=20; Estd. Cost=800USD
            BQ2: Excavator -> Qty= 2units; Estd. Cost=2500USD

            Task 1.2: Levelling
            BQ1: Levellers-> Qty=1 Estd Cost= 3500USD
            BQ3: Cement -> 8quintals Estd Cost = 80000USD
            BQ4: Dampers-> x units; estd cost= xxxxx

            so and so forth....

            Actuals will also be plotted against these BoQ items and the variance needs to be accounted as a backlog or underbudget etc.,

            Based on the backlog purchases need to be made against each of the items in the BoQ.

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              Hi Dina / Krishna,

              Can i use resource list concept here to replicate BoQ ?

              i.e., create a budget across resource list items representing BoQ items for tasks. Capture actual costs against the tasks with budgetary control enabled. Here estimates are recorded at BoQ level for each task but actuals are no below than task....challenge is i would not know as which BoQ item has overrun the estimate.

              Please suggest some work around

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                Dina Rotem

                Since you are using only Projects Costing and Billing your solution would be limited to configuration of tasks structures and expenditure types.
                You may setup specific expenditure type for each item (or group of items) you want to track on the BOQ.
                You then can configure the resource lists for budgeting and reporting by expenditure types.

                When estimating the costs and preparing budget you would be able to enter quantity and raw cost on each budget line ( it is each expenditure type).
                When purchasing the goods and services you will need to use the appropriate expenditure type that represent that kind of materials or sub contractors.

                Using Project Status Inquiry you will be able to track actual, commitments and budgets for each of the expenditure types on each of the tasks.

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                  Hi There,

                  We faced similar issue while implementing Oracle EBS for large construction company. The work around we have is to have BOQ outside the system.
                  1. Project is created with Finplan options of budgeting at lowest task and resource list as expenditure types.
                  2. Project WBS and resource list is uploaded to an external system.
                  3. Estimators enter multiple BoQ Items (similar to examples provided by you above) for combination of Task and Expenditure Types
                  4. Budget numbers (generated by summing up the BoQ) are interfaced back to EBS.
                  5. PO creation screen is also customised to consume budget at BoQ Item level.

                  Hope this helps.
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                    Hi Puneet,

                    Thanks for the answer and regret for delay in my response.

                    Just trying to understand as why we need to customize the PO workbench. Because, already we created a resourcelist with expenditure types and mapped alias resource name to that
                    So when we enter the transactions in PO then we can use those expenditure types which represent the detailed BoQ line items

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                      Dina Rotem

                      The issue is really a matter of how granular you need the control.
                      If you setup an expenditure type for each type of items then I would not see a need for further customization.
                      However if the expenditure type is more general and cover various types of purchased items, you might need to have additional tool for controlling the budget by BoQ.