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    orawsv performance tunning and debugging

      Hi all ,
      first I hope I've reached the right forum .

      we've developed a .net <--> oracle application , which use oracle web services a lot , and it is great since it reduce our development time (no need to setup middle tier application server for webservice)

      However , when trying to scale/stress the solution we've encountered serveral issues , which I would like to know if others has them as well:

      1. it seems that the servlet is opening a db connection for every call , this seems a little expensive (I've not tested yet if it a logical connection using shared server of dedicate one -- anyone know ?? ) .
      it there a way to tell the servlet to work with connection pool ? or keep the connections open ?

      2. if i want to profile/debug/monitor the servlet ? where are the logfiles ?
      it seems that the listener log is written for every call (which make sence ) but the it grows big

      3. I want to know if anyone is using it on production with large scale (about 100 request per min ) ? or should i think on using web-service middle tier .?

      thanks amihay .

      we are using on windows 2008 64 bit .
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          All HTTP activity, including WebServices is handled using Shared Server mode, since HTTP is a stateless protocol.

          Make sure you have enought shared servers configured to handle the number of concurrent requests you expect to service.

          The HTTP Server does not log. If you need logging you will need to wrap the procedures you want to call with one that logs..

          100 Requests a min should not be a problem assuming you have sufficient horsepower on the box and sufficient shared servers configured. However it was never desinged or intended to scale to 1000's per second. For that you should be using a full mid-tier implementatin.