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    qscan and qdeletemsg

      Greetings to all,

      Facing an issue in Production.
      MY Queue info shows this value :

      Queue PAXLIST: 70 Persistent Messages using 140 pages.
      0 Nonpersistent Messages using 0 bytes.
      70 Messages in total using 71680 bytes.
      Queue PNRRET: 13795 Persistent Messages using 41385 pages.
      0 Nonpersistent Messages using 0 bytes.
      13795 Messages in total using 21189120 bytes.

      This queue contains some old messages which we came to know that can be cleared.

      qscan and qdeletmsg can help..
      But I have never used them before..
      Googling is not helping..

      In documentation the syntax is there but no example..

      How can I delete old messages from the queue PNRRET?

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          David Wood
          Run qmadmin then open your qspace: qopen "qspacename"

          Set your queue to the one with the messages on: qset "qname"

          qdltm -y will delete all the messages from the queue. To delete individual messages:

          qscan -m "message ID" eg. qscan -m XXXXXXXXmAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAINm=

          qlist will show this message only.

          Then type qdltm -y to delete the message.

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            Is there anyway we can see which is the oldest message and how old is that?
            qscan -t 13021820-13021815
            retrieved one random message id...
            qscan -m <message_id>
            Dint show any specific details...
            Is there anyway to see the message?
            or delete the message to a file in a readable format?


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              David Wood
              qlist should show an execution time:

              Execution time: Mon Feb 18 12:02:31 2013

              My mistake.....that's just on the error queue.

              David Wood

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                David Wood
                Use verbose mode in qmadmin and check the correlation id by running qlist.


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