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    Memory leak


      memory leak is been observed in the load report and my DBA points its all application code drives the memory leak and he has nothing to dig on memeory leak on DB side so he is pushing onus to development.
      In my code i have a bulk fetch for every minute 100 records will be fetched but its a unique scan. C++ application calls this procedure

      the load ran for 21 hours below is the sheet which tells the memory utilization for every hour on two nodes ( node 1& node 2)
      my point is if the application behavoiur causes the memory leak then the leak should be consistently same on both the nodes.
      but node 1 and node 2 behaviours are not same the leak is varying on both the nodes so is this still a code behaviour ?

      our DBA is technically limited always pushing issues to Development team saying application causing these issues. Log file sync issue came he pushed to development team
      stating application issue.

      please look below the chart which tells the memory utilization behaviour. so what to be done on memory leak my bulk fetch is requirment if 100 records every minute is a trouble
      then is it a limitation on oracle side or anything on DBA still to tune on his DB please explain

      S.No                Memory Utilization
                Node 1      Node 2
      1     HOUR     6773.00     7284.75
      2     HOUR     6981.00     7418.25
      3     HOUR     6847.00     7213.00
      4     HOUR     6942.25     7255.50
      5     HOUR     7017.50     7273.00
      6     HOUR     7081.75     6986.00
      7     HOUR     7119.50     6913.75
      8     HOUR     7158.50     6941.50
      9     HOUR     7182.75     6961.25
      10     HOUR     7204.00     6982.00
      11     HOUR     7224.50     6990.25
      12     HOUR     7241.75     6996.50
      13     HOUR     7255.50     7004.50
      14     HOUR     7272.75     7010.50
      15     HOUR     7282.50     7017.50
      16     HOUR     7255.50     7019.25
      17     HOUR     7265.00     7023.50
      18     HOUR     7265.75     7025.75
      19     HOUR     7270.25     7027.00
      20     HOUR     7276.50     7031.75

      Thanks in advance

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          I do not see this as either a RAC or database issue. There are lots of issues that can look like a memory leak. Are you malloc'ing for each collect? or using just the first malloc? Are you properly releasing connections and/or malloc'ed memory? Does the app connect to one or both nodes?

          It is late and that is all I can think of for now...
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            Hi ,

            Thanks for reply,

            This memory leak observed in oracle database.

            Are you properly releasing connections and/or malloc'ed memory?
            C++ apps once establish the DB connection it will be forever also malloc is pertained to c++ how come it influence oracle DB memory leak

            Does the app connect to one or both nodes?
            yes both nodes
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              Can you perhaps explain what you mean by "memory leak" and how you have diagnosed it? You did not mention your operatng system, but on any decent OS one would expect memory utilization %age to stabilize in the nineties. Your memory utilization looks reasonably level, varying by a couple of hundred from the mean. Why do you think there is a problem?
              John Watson
              Oracle Certified Master DBA
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                John raises the crux of the issue - what did you see and how did you see it?

                Memory leakage in the SGA will not cause growth, but less space in the SGA being available for creating new data structures. Memory leakage in the PGA means private process memory of Oracle dedicated, shared and perhaps job, server processes growing. Memory leakage in the client OCI driver will cause memory growth in the client process's private memory.

                The only serious memory leakage I have seen in Oracle, was in the client process using Perl-DBI to connect via OCI (9i Net) to a 9i database. Private process memory of the Perl client grew to 100's of MB - and was released when a close database was done (no need to terminate the client). Which implied that the Perl-DBI library was likely leaking SQL statement and/or environment handles.

                I have never seen mass Oracle caused leakage in server processes. What I have seen numerous times, is drastic memory increase in PGA. Always caused by shoddy code that abuses PL/SQL by creating enormous data structures - like unlimited bulk fetching, caching row data in PL/SQL "tables" (no such thing exists - these are arrays and nothing like SQL tables), and so on.

                So the WHAT you saw and WHERE you saw it, are needed for a meaningful diagnosis of what the potential problems could be.