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    SCORM api adapter


      I am having an issue with multiple users on our network trying to access a SCORM training course from our parent company, through a web address not VPN's.

      The error received is "cannot communicate with the SCORM API adapter (requires java plugin). please try again, if the problem persists, try to force reload the adapter by pressing CTRL + F5 reload combination of your browser. You can check the java plugin is installed in the plugin-check of the application."

      Logging does not work on the site with the issue and the plugin checker is saying that no plugins are installed

      I have found that sometimes removing java and all files including reg keys related to java and the re-installing it will resolve the issue but not always

      The java version we use is 6.14, but i have had success mainly with 6.15. The wiping of java fix makes me think that this is not related to any settings in IE 8 or and out of date SCORM adapter on the training site and to do with the JAVA it's self.

      Could anyone assist with this?

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          Kashif Manzoor
          can you test by following SCORM Tracking Learning Object Example [ID 373734.1]
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            Thanks for getting back, unfortunately i don't have access to meta-link so cannot test that due to not having a Support Identifier, also this message is from client computers and not a content server. The api is definetly there as some computers can access the course.

            This is not happening for every user and also is definitely local machine based as deleting all files and registry keys in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\AdvancedOptions\JAVA_VM, help to resolve the issue but only sometimes
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              It could be related to the recent java security scare which may have caused Java to be uninstalled or not enabled within the browser and this would cause SCORM content to fail as it requires java in order to work.

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                Thanks for getting back Scott, i don't think java is uninstalled as uninstalling is part of the troubleshooting i follow to resolve the issue.

                I am however interested in the fact that the plugin may be disabled because part of my troubleshooting involves deleting the java registry for internet explorer which would clear any preference for the plug in to be disabled, but getting it to work again requires a complete wipe of java including all files left in app data after uninstall.

                Then re-installing sometimes seems to work which may also indicate another issue affecting some of our machines.

                I will have a look down the plug-in route and if there are any advances i will post them here as this issue can be a pain to actually pinpoint to one cause.
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                  I have looked into this and it appears to be an issue with the certificate on the site not downloading and not so much java, a re install of java and manually placing the certificate in the trusted root seems to have done the trick, the error was coded into the site to appear no matter what the cause was. Thanks for the help anyway.