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    Performace tuning column wise data store

      how to tune qurey for coulumn wise data saved.because we have to join same table n number of times.for reference go through the following scnarios.
      Suppose one table T1 is there and it has two column KEY and VALUE.if we are writing qurey for retriving desire result in row manner we have to join samae table no of times.

      KEY Value
           agreesWith true
      id 1
           assessment False
           basisForDateOfProgression 1
           bestOverallResponse 2
           bestOverallUnknownComments data is ok

      select * from (
      select t.agreesWith from t1 t
      select assessment from t1 t
      on a.id=b.id
      In this manner we can join upto bestOverallUnknownComments .so which method we follow to reduce the execution time and performance should be good.
      plz suggest..