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    HC-50083:  Document protocol identification error

      I have followed the steps mentioned for the first example (hcfp-101-ADT_A03_MLLP1.0) in http://java.net/projects/oraclesoasuite11g/pages/HealthCare.

      Everything is good except when I try to send the ADTA03_2.3.1_1.txt using the b2bsimulator, I am getting the following error. I have tried with different ADTA03 message (from czpski), even though it is having the same error.

      Please help me out, I am not sure what is causing the error.

      <Feb 15, 2013 7:15:42 AM PST> <Error> <oracle.soa.hc.e [http://java.net/projects/oraclesoasuite11g/pages/HealthCare] ngine> <BEA-000000> <Error
      -: HC-50083: Document protocol identification error.
      Error -: HC-50083: Document protocol identification error.
      at oracle.tip.b2b.engine.Engine.identifyDocument(Engine.java:4894)
      at oracle.tip.b2b.engine.Engine.processIncomingMessageImpl(Engine.java:2
      at oracle.tip.b2b.engine.Engine.processIncomingMessage(Engine.java:1653)

      at oracle.tip.b2b.engine.Engine.incomingContinueProcess(Engine.java:4076
      at oracle.tip.b2b.engine.Engine.handleMessageEvent(Engine.java:3727)
      at oracle.tip.b2b.engine.Engine.processEvents(Engine.java:3214)
      at oracle.tip.b2b.engine.ThreadWorkExecutor.processEvent(ThreadWorkExecu
      at oracle.tip.b2b.engine.ThreadWorkExecutor.run(ThreadWorkExecutor.java:
      at oracle.integration.platform.blocks.executor.WorkManagerExecutor$1.run
      at weblogic.work.j2ee.J2EEWorkManager$WorkWithListener.run(J2EEWorkManag
      at weblogic.work.DaemonWorkThread.run(DaemonWorkThread.java:30)

      From the reports tab of the healthcare UI, Error is happening for Inbound, Wire Message to Business Message

      Error Details
      Error Text     Document protocol identification error.
      Error Code     HC-50083
      Error Severity     ERROR
      Error Description     Machine Info: (Server2008) Description: Document protocol identification error.

      Thank you
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