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    Is there in JCOP a test suit for javacard OS?

      Dear all,
      I'm an newbie on this major and i need your help to clarify my situation:
      Image that I have an applet on a java card... and there is no proprietary OS... only Javacard OS
      now, i want to validate this using JCOP
      is there any ready test suite available in JCOP for a general OS validation?
      or we need to create the test suite? any patch or add-on available?

      One more thing, There are many experts on JAVA CARD and i would like to make a friend with all of you.
      Please send me your skype ID... or send to me a request to add friend with the following ID:
      Skype: nobitagammer
      safarmer, langkhachkenshin, Jean-Damien LEBUI, Sebastien_Lorquet , hoan_micheal ,.....
      Thanks and Best Regards