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    Fail in connect to the JCS with Eclipse IDE  when configure the Server Env

      For Configure the Runtime Environment for Oracle Cloud with Eclipse , I have filled the all tab as below ;
      Name : Cloud test ;
      Data center: [select the US Commercial 1] ;
      Identity domain : [copy the Identity Domain name which in my Oracle Cloud account ] ;
      Java service name: java [copy the Service Name which in my Oracle Cloud account ] ;
      Administrator: [input the My Account name  which can log into my Oracle Cloud account ] ;
      Password: [input password the which can log into my Oracle Cloud account ] ;
      Cloud SDK : [Point to the directory where the oracle-javacloud-sdk Uuzipped]
      Java Runtime Environment : [Point the the JRE path which included in jdk1.6.0_37 folder ]
      Perfrom whitelist scan prior to publish : cheked

      ** I use the JRE 1.6 64bit on 64bit Windows7 System **

      but when I test the connection , the error message window show as below :


      Connection Test Failure

      Error connecting to Cloud endpoint:java.net.ConnectionException: Connection timed out :connect. Please set -Djava.net.preferIPv4Stack=true in eclipse.ini if you are running Eclipse on JRE 1.7


      Pls help me to fix it ,Thank you