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    Small plugin; not showing collected Config metric data!?


      I have made a small plugin. It only needs to display the Response, and a config metric collection.
      The response is shown, but not the config metric collection. The UI shows no sign of anything else than the response metric...

      After deployment, I added the target and ran a collection for Response and for the Config metric.
      The snapshot target table has been created and contains newly collected config data (checked querying the CM$MGMT_... view).

      I can't find anything in logfiles, except something here *$EMSTATE/sysman/log/emdctlj.log*
      It shows a collection for the snapshot with some messages that possibly indicate an issue???
      2013-02-19 09:12:14,458 [main] INFO  - EmdCtl Timezone = US/Eastern
      2013-02-19 09:12:15,938 [main] INFO  - Command: runCollection "Storage Array1:storage_array_target" StorageArraySnap
      2013-02-19 09:12:15,961 [main] INFO  - Connecting:https://oem-server:3872/emd/main/
      2013-02-19 09:12:16,096 [main] INFO  - terminus sending message 136128313600001
      2013-02-19 09:12:18,347 [main] WARN  - no TMClient loader plugin configured: collection data may not be ready
      2013-02-19 09:12:18,353 [main] INFO  - Disconnecting: client terminus
      2013-02-19 09:12:18,354 [main] INFO  - stdout: EMD runCollection completed successfully
      2013-02-19 09:12:18,355 [main] INFO  - Exit Code: 0
      Any feedback on what may be causing my plugin not to display anything of the config metric data is very much appreciated.