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    Send NULL value in DATE while creating document in IPM 11g

      Hi ,

      I am working on IPM and i have a requirement where i have to create a custom form and have to create a document using IPM API'S.

      I have followed this document and achieved my functionality :-


      but in my form i have "Leavers Date" field which may contain blank in case of some employees.
      then how should i send the blank value in Date field to IPM in that case :-
      Below is a small snapshot of my code :-

      String fileName = "C:/PathToImages/invoice1234.tif";
      DataHandler fileData = new DataHandler(new FileDataSource(fileName));
      String uploadToken = docContentService.uploadDocument(fileData,

      // Index the document
      List<Document.FieldValue> fieldValues = new
      fieldValues.add(new Document.FieldValue("EMP NUMBER", 1234));
      fieldValues.add(new Document.FieldValue("SALARY", 4321));
      fieldValues.add(new Document.FieldValue("LOCATION", "Acme Supply"));
      *//Now in the Leavers Date i need to send blank/Null in some cases.How should i send the blank value or Null value.*
      fieldValues.add(new Document.FieldValue("Leavers Date", ???? ));
      docService.createDocument(uploadToken, invoicesAppNameId,
      fieldValues, true);

      Please suggest!!!