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    PTWC 3.1 postback problems solved

      I just wanted to share this finding as we spent a lot of time troubleshooting it.

      We were experiencing postback problems when using WebControls 3.1 with ASP .Net 2 or 3.5 with a Windows 2008 and IIS 7 remote server.
      The ASP .Net linkbuttons or autopostack dropdown lists were not working and the javascript was showing something like Javascript:PTWCControl_3_1.doPostback( __UNKNOWN_TOKEN_HELD_POSTFORMNAME__ , ...)

      Turned out to be that the IIS Page Buffer has to be set to true in order for the WCLoader 3.1 HttpModule to work. After changing the Page Buffer the application started working as expected.

      Hope it helps someone!

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