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    Getting Blank Page using Weblogic and Apex Listener v2


      I am moving my existing apex listeners (version to a new server so I thought I would upgrade to the new version of the listener at the same time. The version of the new listener I am trying to use is

      I need to set up multiple listeners on the new server to point to different environments. I was able to successfully install the new listener for one of my environments and everything is working fine. However when I try to install the listener a second time I get a blank page when I try to bring up Apex.

      I have created two Weblogic (v 10.3.3) domains, one for each listener. Here is how they are configured:

      This listener works.
      Domain Name:     APEXA
      Host Name:     mars
      Port Number     7023
      Database Host:     mars
      Database Name:     SID1
      APEX Version:
      This listener DOES NOT work.
      Domain Name:     APEXB
      Host Name:     mars
      Port Number     7053
      Database Host:     venus
      Database Name:     SID2
      APEX Version:
      I try to access the second listener by entering this url:
      and this is returned
      Since the app number, page number, session information is there, I assume that it is making it to the database and is being processed by Apex. The problem is that the page returned is blank. The actual page source is:

      I verified the images are accessible by entering:

      This is what is returned:
      Application Express Version: 4.1

      I am not sure how to debug this problem. Any help would be appreciated.