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    Bug:Java install should remove old uninstall entries when updating in-place

      Assume I have installed an (old) version of Java (under 64bit Win7)..

      Now I download a newer/newest version of Java JDK and start installation process.
      When prompted I tell the procedure to install JAva JDK in the SAME directory as the previous version.
      So the old version does NOT exist any more afterwards.

      Everything works fine except the fact that afterwards there is still the uninstall entry of the old version alive.

      Java installation procedure should automatically remove these old uninstall entries.
      I guess Oracle Java development team thinks users will install new Java versions always in different directories (which is not a must).

      I think this is a bug or at least a feature request.

      Where can I officially tell oracle to fix it?
      Is there an official bug/feature request form?