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    [MFGAnalytics]What value should I set on BUCKET_RANGE_NAME, MIN_RANGEetc

      Hi grus,

      I configure the Manufacturing Analytics on BI-Apps7.9.6.4.
      And source system is EBS R12.

      I cann't set the proper value on the file_bucket_range_master_ebs11i.csv.
      The name of parameters are BUCKET_RANGE_NAME, MIN_RANGE and MAX_RANGE.

      This configuration steps are described at task# on e35272.pdf(Configuration guide)
      But these tasks only explained "Configure the value of BUCKET_RANGE_NAME, MIN_RANGE and MAX_RANGE."

      Dose anyone knows that how to configure or find the proper value of these parameters?

      Best Regards,
      Takashi Matsugi