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    SSL certificates and more than one hostname / interface


      I'm trying to configure the directory proxy server of DSEE7 to listen at 636 (SSL) at 2 different interfaces. As both of them got different hostnames, I get a certificate error for one of them because the name does not match the one of the certificate. Is there a way to configure the proxy server with different certs for different interfaces / hostnames?

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          Did you tried SAN certificates (also known as Unified Communication Certificates by Public CA like DigiCert, Entrust etc..) ?
          SAN stands for Subject Alternate Names - this allows more than one hostname to be binded to a single certificate for such multihosting setup. I think you should try using a self-signed SAN certificate before purchasing a SAN certificate from External Public CA (if you rely on External Public CA). If you have Private CA then I think there should be much cost impact for you.

          Randip Malakar