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    Problem v.4.2.1 with chart anychart in fusion middleware

      After install v4.2.1 and public applications in my apex, the page that generate dashboard´s using chart by XML (AnyChart)
      just stopped working, i'm using apex 4.2.1 being published by fusion middleware

      post code XML (chart):+

      #1. chat XML
      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <animation enabled="True"/>
      <chart plot_type="CategorizedVertical">
      <title enabled="false"/>
      <chart_background enabled="false">
      <border enabled="false"/>
      <inside_margin all="0"/>
      <scale minimum="0" maximum="50"/>
      <minor_grid enabled="false"/>
      <major_grid enabled="false"/>
      <title enabled="false"/>
      <scale mode="Stacked"/>
      <zoom enabled="true" allow_drag="false" visible_range="14" end="1" show_scroll_bar="false"/>
      <title enabled="false"/>
      <major_tickmark enabled="false"/>
      <data_plot_settings default_series_type="SplineArea">
      <!-- <bar_series point_padding="0.0" group_padding="0.5" shape_type="Box">
      <fill opacity="1"/>
      <fill color="%Color"/>
      <border color="DarkColor(RGB(240,103,59))" thickness="1"/>
      <hatch_fill enabled="true" type="Percent50" color="%Color" opacity="1"/>
      <tooltip_settings enabled="True">
      <format>{%SeriesName} - {%Name}={%value}{numDecimals:0}</format>
      <label_settings enabled="true">
      <font bold="false"/>
      <background enabled="true">
      <inside_margin left="4" top="1" right="4" bottom="0"/>
      <border type="Solid" color="#494949" opacity="1" thickness="2"/>
      <interactivity use_hand_cursor="false" allow_select="false"/>
      </bar_series> -->
      <bar_series group_padding="0.3">
      <line thickness="3"/>
      <tooltip_settings enabled="false">
      <line enabled="true" thickness="1" color="DarkColor(%Color)"/>
      <fill opacity="0.7"/>
      <fill opacity="0.9"/>
      <hatch_fill enabled="true" type="Solid" opacity="0.2"/>
      <series name="faixaStatus0" color="LightColor(rgb(237,28,36))">
      <point name="01/fev" y="50" />
      <point name="01/jan" y="50" />
      <point name="01/dez" y="50" />
      <point name="01/nov" y="50" />
      <point name="01/out" y="50" />
      <point name="01/set" y="50" />
      <point name="01/ago" y="50" />
      <point name="01/jul" y="50" />
      <point name="01/jun" y="50" />
      <point name="01/mai" y="50" />
      <point name="01/abr" y="50" />
      <point name="01/mar" y="50" />
      <point name="01/fev" y="50" />
      <point name="01/jan" y="50" />
      <series name="faixaStatus1" color="LightColor(rgb(255,242,0))">
      <point name="01/fev" y="40" />
      <point name="01/jan" y="40" />
      <point name="01/dez" y="40" />
      <point name="01/nov" y="40" />
      <point name="01/out" y="40" />
      <point name="01/set" y="40" />
      <point name="01/ago" y="40" />
      <point name="01/jul" y="40" />
      <point name="01/jun" y="40" />
      <point name="01/mai" y="40" />
      <point name="01/abr" y="40" />
      <point name="01/mar" y="40" />
      <point name="01/fev" y="40" />
      <point name="01/jan" y="40" />
      <series name="faixaStatus2" color="LightColor(rgb(34,177,76))">
      <point name="01/fev" y="30" />
      <point name="01/jan" y="30" />
      <point name="01/dez" y="30" />
      <point name="01/nov" y="30" />
      <point name="01/out" y="30" />
      <point name="01/set" y="30" />
      <point name="01/ago" y="30" />
      <point name="01/jul" y="30" />
      <point name="01/jun" y="30" />
      <point name="01/mai" y="30" />
      <point name="01/abr" y="30" />
      <point name="01/mar" y="30" />
      <point name="01/fev" y="30" />
      <point name="01/jan" y="30" />
      <series name="Real" type="Bar" color="RGB(240,103,59)">
      <tooltip enabled="true">
      Real: {%Value}{numDecimals:2}

      <point name="01/fev" y="0" />
      <point name="01/jan" y="0" />
      <point name="01/dez" y="0" />
      <point name="01/nov" y="0" />
      <point name="01/out" y="0" />
      <point name="01/set" y="0" />
      <point name="01/ago" y="0" />
      <point name="01/jul" y="21.70947864988055754221447774269084029893" />
      <point name="01/jun" y="19.18129702977094900816557600214880293908" />
      <point name="01/mai" y="19.36814692786311312977975975225563654571" />
      <point name="01/abr" y="26.7870586822692606322501393855191000009" />
      <point name="01/mar" y="0" />
      <point name="01/fev" y="0" />
      <point name="01/jan" y="0" />
      <series name="Meta" type="Line" color="Rgb(28,137,206)">
      <tooltip enabled="true">
      Meta: {%Value}{numDecimals:2}

      <point name="01/fev" y="25" />
      <point name="01/jan" y="25" />
      <point name="01/dez" y="25" />
      <point name="01/nov" y="25" />
      <point name="01/out" y="25" />
      <point name="01/set" y="25" />
      <point name="01/ago" y="25" />
      <point name="01/jul" y="25" />
      <point name="01/jun" y="25" />
      <point name="01/mai" y="25" />
      <point name="01/abr" y="25" />
      <point name="01/mar" y="25" />
      <point name="01/fev" y="25" />
      <point name="01/jan" y="25" />

      *#2. HTML Header page*

      <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript" src="/i/flashchart/anychart_5/js/AnyChart.js">

      *#3. code for generate chart*

      var chart = new AnyChart('/i/flashchart/anychart_5/swf/anychart.swf');
      chart.setData(retobj('P2000_X').value); -- here XML in textarea
      chart.width = "400";
      chart.height = "400";

      *#4. Configuration dads.conf*

      Alias /i/ "/backup2/apex/images/"

      <Location /apex>
      Order deny,allow
      PlsqlDocumentPath docs
      AllowOverride None
      PlsqlDocumentProcedure wwv_flow_file_mgr.process_download
      PlsqlDatabaseConnectString servvmdb02.cs.localdomain:1521:cstest ServiceNameFormat
      PlsqlAuthenticationMode Basic
      SetHandler pls_handler
      PlsqlDocumentTablename wwv_flow_file_objects$
      PlsqlDatabaseUsername APEX_PUBLIC_USER
      PlsqlDefaultPage apex
      PlsqlDatabasePassword 1123455@434345GFDHJFg==
      PlsqlRequestValidationFunction wwv_flow_epg_include_modules.authorize
      PlsqlUploadAsLongRaw *
      Allow from all

        • 1. Re: Problem v.4.2.1 with chart anychart in fusion middleware
          Hilary Farrell-Oracle
          Hi Ricardo,

          Thanks for posting the chart XML and associated information, as it's proved very helpful in deciphering the issue you've hit.

          Firstly, in #1 you've attempted to create a "Spline Area" chart, according to your XML. This chart type is not one of the chart types that we have licensed from AnyChart. Only those chart types exposed via our Create wizards are covered by our license with AnyChart. If you wish to create such a chart type in your application, you will need to contact AnyChart and chat with them about obtaining a license for that particular chart type. In earlier releases of APEX, it was feasible to generate unlicensed chart types, such as "Spline", via the "Custom XML" region. However, that was not supported behaviour and was not the intended usage of the "Custom XML" region. Since 4.1, that option is no longer available. To resolve your issue, I recommend that you update the chart XML to use one of our licensed chart types.

          Secondly, in #3 you are referencing an SWF file called "anychart.swf", however the SWF file that we incorporate in an APEX installation is called "OracleAnyChart.swf". To resolve this issue, I would recommend updating the SWF reference to point to the AnyChart 6 file that we've incorporated with the release i.e. /i/flashchart/anychart_6/swf/OracleAnyChart.swf. NOTE: you would also need to update the reference to the associated JS file, to /i/flashchart/anychart_6/js/AnyChart.js.

          I hope this helps.