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      Where can i get OCP 11g DUMP?

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          You can get practice exams from this below link:

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            Sunny kichloo
            Usage of dumps is cheating,Better study concepts from Oracle Docs and Clear the certification without using dumps

            Also Check this

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              Totally Wrong , Illegal and even that you asking in oracle Forum , Certification exists to prove your skills and make sure you deserve this certification, by study the dump you are not do anything expect cheating yourself that you don't have any skills , if you want to get OCP start reading oracle Documentation study , read instead Posting In Forum looking For Dumps .
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                I also don't have as much respect for someone who has taken the course at their local community college strictly for the purpose of getting their OCP certificate.

                Having several years experience as an Oracle DBA, reading the Oracle Press books, and taken Oracle's individual classes for SQL, DBA1&2, Backup and Recovery, and SQL Net, I had a lot of respect for anyone else who had taken all the tests as I did and passed them to get their OCP.

                Then one day, I hired someone who had their OCP, but I didn't find out until afterwards that it was attained by taking the Oracle OCP class at their local community college and being prepped for all of the tests by preparing them with all the test questions. After I hired the person, the person made several major mistakes and I questioned the person knowing that I had learned all those things myself when preparing myself for the tests. Her response was that she took the class and after each test, she just did a brain dump on those things and moved onto the next tests.

                Obviously, she did not work out and we ultimately had to let her to. But the point is that the only way to get the full skill set that is honored by attaining the OCP certification is from practical experience and reading, studying, practicing, and testing your own work on real database systems.

                The best part is that I continue to learn more and more about Oracle DBA work every day.
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                  Srini Chavali-Oracle
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                    Nice Blog +1
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                      Matthew Morris
                      But the point is that the only way to get the full skill set that is honored by attaining the OCP certification is
                      from practical experience and reading, studying, practicing, and testing your own work on real database systems.
                      I've had coworkers who had been DBAs for years... and still were really really bad at their jobs. I'll grant that they were exceptions. In an interview, I'd have somewhat more trust for someone with experience working as a DBA over someone who has just gotten a certification but never used it in practice.

                      That said, people lie. Using brain dumps can be seen as a form of lying in that people are presenting themselves as having knowledge they really do not. However, there is little to prevent someone from falsifying their resume with DBA 'experience' that never really happened. I don't blindly assume that someone with a resume that says 'OCP' really has the knowledge I want in a job candidate. Neither do I blindly assume that someone with a resume that indicates 'X' years of experience really has the knowledge I want in a candidate. The interview is intended to out these people. Even then, interviews need to be carefully crafted to defeat the growing number of frauds that study 'Oracle Interview Q&A' lists in order to appear knowledgeable.

                      The candidate in your story didn't prepare to be a DBA correctly. However, the story you presented reads as a failure in the interview process to me.
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                        Yes, you are correct. That was at least 10 years ago, and it was a failure on my part of the interview process because I wrongly assumed that someone who held the Oracle OCP was good enough to start an entry level position which is what the position was in this case. But, as I learned, the person's ability to pass a series of OCP tests that was given preparation and test questions was not what I assumed.

                        Since that time, I've hired many more DBAs. Funny how now I can ask 3 or 4 questions total in an interview and be able to tell the skill set of a person applying for a general DBA (not advanced skills like DG, RAC, or Golden Gate).

                        1: tell me the steps to move a database from a Windows server to a new unix server with latest patch set applied
                        2: tell me the steps to isolate and determine where a performance problem is that a user calls about
                        3: tell me the steps to perform a PIT recovery to another server

                        You would be absolutely amazed and shocked at the answers I've gotten on these three questions.
                        Everything from "stick the disk in the server and follow the prompts", to do a point in time recovery from an export file.
                        Good grief! You can really sort out those who have done real work with such basic question.

                        Just for kicks and my own amusement, I also like to add two more questions:
                        4: tell me the difference between a primary key and a unique key
                        5: tell me the difference between: redo, undo, and temp segments