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    Am I using a LOV? (ambiguously defined column)

      I have two tables:
      create table products (prod_cd varchar (10) , prod_desc varchar2(20)); /
      create table cases (case_id varchar(20), client_desc varchar(20), client_id varchar(20)) /
      The cliient_id of cases table matches the prod_cd of the products table. The client desc = prod_desc.

      I have this kind of data in the products table

      1 Fish R Us
      2 Tanning Oils Inc
      3 Jane but Sane

      However, if I try this query
      selelct prod_cd, client_id
      from products, cases
      where prod_cd = client_id

      ORA-00918: column ambiguously defined
      00918. 00000 - "column ambiguously defined"
      Error at Line: 7 Column: 7

      I think prod_cd is a LOV. How can I get the vlaue out of it so my column inst ambiguously defined?