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    Retrieving a user's email addresses in java

      I'm trying to get a list of email addresses for any given user through the AtCiPersonalData object, but it is always coming back as null.

      More specifically, my code looks like this:

      IAtCiPersonalData personalData = (IAtCiPersonalData) this.m_peopleSoftSession.getComponent("AT_CI_PERSONAL_DATA");
      IAtCiPersonalDataEmailAddressesCollection emailAddresses = personalData.getEmailAddresses();

      It should be noted that I can get a user's phone numbers by using personalData.getPersonalPhone(), so I know my personalData object is fine.

      I checked the tables (PS_EMAIL_ADDRESSES), and there are users with valid email addresses in the table, but when I log in as them, I'm still getting null returned.

      Anyone have any ideas?

      Side thought: I was under the impression that if these calls returned 0 results, then an empty list would be returned. (Instead of getting null which is what I'm getting.) Could it be that my personalData.getEmailAddresses() method is incorrect? I figured this wasn't possible since that class is automatically generated.