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    B2B-51507 : XEngine error - Invalid data node name.

      Hi All,

      I am working on Creating outbound 850 transaction .I have created SOA process in which i created File adapter on the service lane to pick up the file from Oracle B2B
      and B2B adapter on the reference section for sending. In the middle i have used mediator for translation .
      In the B2Bconsole i followed the steps like :
      1.created the host and remote trading partners
      2.created the document definition in b2b console ,with default 850.ecs and 850.xsd using document editor
      3.created the profile information .
      4.created the channel and agreement.
      5.Finally saved,validated and deployed the Agreement.

      After deploying application in my dev ,file was picked up and an instance was also created .Here i am getting an error message in B2B reports
      application message as :

      App Message property     {fabric.enterpriseId=-1, b2b.documentProtocolVersion=V4010,
                                                    b2b.messageId=2d313333383938393131363932333830, b2b.documentDefinitionName=850_def, MESH_METRICS=null, b2b.messageType=1,
                                                   tracking.parentReferenceId=mediator:5012A2E07B8D11E2BFF86593BFBAE2CE:5153D5707B8D11E2BFF86593BFBAE2CE:oneway, tracking.compositeInstanceId=61685,
                                                   tracking.ecid=11d1def534ea1be0:2dfe216a:13cca8c98cc:-8000-00000000001bee04, b2b.toTradingPartnerId=Acme, b2b.fromTradingPartnerId=GlobalChips,
                                                   tracking.compositeInstanceCreatedTime=Thu Feb 21 00:12:39 IST 2013, tracking.conversationId=enh1LJKC2l6Rlx0MFEnkh30dDaD7j39T3U_AeK-Nmv8., t
                                                    racking.parentComponentInstanceId=mediator:5012A2E07B8D11E2BFF86593BFBAE2CE, b2b.documentTypeName=850}
      Direction     OUTBOUND
      State     MSG_ERROR
      Error Code     B2B-51507
      Error Text     Error Brief : XEngine error - Invalid data node name.
      Error Description     Error : The XData level name found does not match the level name in the XData schema.

      Business Message :

      Error Code     B2B-51507
      Error Description     : Description: Payload validation error.
      Error Severity     ERROR
      Error Text     Error Brief : XEngine error - Invalid data node name.

      Here i verified the Xdataversion in xsd and also in the input payload xml which i sent .Both are with same version number.
      Could anyone please help me out as i am new to b2b. Also please tell me how the message flow goes for inbound and also for outbound.