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    Deposit Class issue in CC&B

      Hey!! Found that there are some Accounts with Service Agreements in different Deposit Classes on the same account. I know this causes issues when the deposit is being applied to the account - those SA's that are not in the same deposit class will not get any monies applied and they remain in a Pending Stop status. If I change the Deposit Class on these specific SA Types - what type of Pending Doom could I be unleashing? I mean, I can run batch to make sure everything processes, but am I really catching the possible errors that could ocurr down the road?
      Any help would be greatly appreciated....
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          You could certainly change the Deposit Class on those SA Types without any risk of doom within CC&B - when the Deposit is applied, then they will also be included. But, do you know why the Deposit Class is different for these SA Types? For example, if a customer has paid a deposit for a residential electric service, but has other SAs for a gas service or for merchandise, the electric deposit probably should not be automatically applied to these ones. There could even be separate deposits for other services, so it really depends upon the business rules that were used to decide upon the Deposit Classes.
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            Thanks for the suggestions. We got itworking and we did check with the business. The deposit class should have beenthesame in this case. Thanks,