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    Getting Apex listener to config through web logic server 11g

      *warning i am very new to this. i am an intern trying to figure this out with little knowledge of oracle. plzz forgive if i dont no what may seem very simple to you.

      Hello, i am having a very hard time trying to finish installining and configuring apex listener with web logic server 11g. i used the user guide from the oracle download page. everything went smoothly up to the point where i have to Access Oracle Application Express Listener Administration:

      "To access Oracle Application Express Listener Administration, in your Web browser go

      when i try to access, i get a welcome to oracle application express listener page that says:

      "This installation has not yet been configured
      Please consult your Oracle Application Express Listener documentation for instructions on how to complete configuration of this instance.

      This instance is using the following configuration folder: "

      the path that it gives me has no configuration file in there. so im stuck here. if i needed to get to that page to configure it why would it be telling me that installtion is not configured.

      weblogic server 11g
      jdk 1.7.0
      jre 7

      please help in anyway. if im being to vague and more info is needed please let me know.
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          Peter de Vaal
          Apex Listener 2.0 does not have the webinterface for configuring. The URL you are using is Apex Listener 1. The installation guide (see the documentation folder of Apex Listener 2.0) explains how to configure Apex Listener 2.0 from the command line. The manual is not very intuitive (to say the least), you first have to follow the (unfortunately not numbered) section "Installation (on WebLogic)", then go to the end and follow the instruction for choosing the directory for the configuration files, then go to the start section "Configuring Apex Listener" to configure the connection to the default database, then go to the second section "Configuring Apex Listener" (after installation section) to configure additional databases (if you need that).

          In the case you use Apex Listener for connections to more than 1 database it is recommended to configure a 'dummy' database as the initial one, so your real database connections each have a similar config file. If you dont do this your default database has a completely different configuratuion file, which is highly confusing.

          Note also that Apex Listener 2.0 does NOT work against 10g databases, you MUST have an 11g database. We are waiting for a patch to solve this issue.
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            so i went back and went over the installation guides. There is a part where it wants me to use command to Create Web Archive for Oracle Application Express Images. Before you begin, you must create a Web archive (WAR) file to contain the Oracle Application Express image files. Using the Java Archive (jar) command, enter the following command to create a Web archive file named i.war:

            jar –cvf0 <temp directory>\i.war –C <apex directory>\images .

            •<temp directory> is the directory location of the unzipped Oracle Application Express Listener file.

            •<apex directory> is the directory location of Oracle Application Express.

            when i downloaded apex listener it unzips as a .war file already. it is the apex.war. Now the guide always askes for a i.war which did not come with download. tryed to write this command line in cmd but is says" 'jar' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file."

            do i need this i.war file. i already used weblogic server to install the apex.war file.