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    Clarification on idmerge Process.

      Apologies but for some reason I thought these were now being done by Oracle , Not Pearson VUE.

      However be grateful if the following points confirmed:

      [1] The merge should be requested via http://www.pearsonvue.com/Oracle/idmerge/ ( certview and help center point here).

      [2] I recall that page was for a while a form .... it is now a vague direction to another page to contact Pearson VUE Oracle support.
      ( Hands up if I am wrong in this .. I am also noticing this changed 12feb2013)

      [3] The Oracle Support request page contains an issue category for "Testing IID Merge"
      ... under what circumstances should this be contacted.

      The idmege merge request best practice has changed over time, and i would just like to confirm I know current best practice.
      .... Anyone's comments are welcome, but this will probably need to be be Brandye for an authorative answer.
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          Brandye Barrington-Oracle
          The best method for getting two IDs merged is to contact Pearson VUE. Pearson did have a merge form posted on their site for a short time, but discovered that it is best if the candidate speak to someone directly, so they re-directed candidates to simply call in. This helps avoid delays in the merge.

          There is an option on the Oracle Certification Support SR form, but this is only there for candidates who do not know to go to Pearson VUE (we do still get quite a few of these merge requests) and candidates who may be having an issue with a requested merge at Pearson - they can contact us and ask us to help follow up.

          Best practice is to contact (call) Pearson VUE directly to request the ID merge and check CertView after approximately 48 hrs to ensure the merge has been completed and is reflected in your CertView account.

          Let me know if there are anymore questions on this!
          Brandye Barrington
          Certification Forum Moderator