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    Notification Timeout when Requested for Information


      We have implemented a approval notification for our customer which on a high level is as follows

      requester -> Approver 1-> Approver 2

      Once a request is submitted, the 'approval' notification goes to Approver 1 followed by Approver 2. The request is approved when both approves approve the request. If no action is taken by the approvers, the original notifications are cancelled and escalation notification is sent to supervisor of approver 2.

      We have a timeout of 48 hours set for the initial approval notifications sent to the approvers (1 & 2). In case Approver 2 requests for more information using the 'Request information' button, the TIMEOUT clock does not seem to reset and the notification is cancelled after 48 hrs even if the notification is in the queue of the requester.

      This is causing the escalation notification to be supervisor of approver 2.

      The question here is why does the timeout clock not reset when the notification goes back to the requester for additional information. Is this how the standard oracle workflow notification behaves ? Is there a way to customize and achieve this ?

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