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    Error on clicking Appeal button on Case list applet - Siebel public sector

      Siebel Public Sector: Upon clicking 'Appeal' button on Case list applet, getting the error.

      This operation is not allowed when there are no records displayed
      Please execute a query that returns at least one record or add a new record.(SBL-DAT-00215)


      There is no script in the underlying Applet or BC which could cause this issue. We have some amount of code based on method which will not be executed for Appeal. We removed all the code from Applet and BC and tried. But no luck.

      We are unable to investigate this issue as it is OOB feature that siebel provides. We found out that this functionality uses two workflows listed below...
      Main WF: PUB Attach Case Snapshot Workflow
      Sub Process: PUB Archive Process Workflow

      As of now Appeal functionality is working only for manually created Cases with 'TANF' case type.
      But not working for those cases which are created through interfaces (irrespective of the Case Type). We are getting the error mentioned above (before the main WF process is executed)

      If someone has worked on Appeal functionality please let me understand
      1) How those two workflows are being called?
      2) What the click of Appeal button does before calling the WF?

      Your help will be appreciated.