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    Repository Based Measure Aggregation - 1 out

    Robert Angel

      I have a base measure; case when meas.identifier_id =1 then m.unique_id else null end

      On this base measure I create an aggregation at Total level for a dimension Taxonomy.

      When I present the value of the total level aggregation against an in analysis sum(base measure) the two values are one different, with no parameters.

      Now this is only 1 out of millions, but even so I want to use this value to calculate % of values - and as such it will cause my results not to come back to 100%.

      My base measure is an integer and my client's version of OBIEE in this instance is

      Any suggestions what to look at that could be causing this?

      Would one value having a null taxonomy dimension member be a possible cause? (There is only one member in the presentation layer of this dimension)