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    Materialized view from prebuilt table doesn't work with spatial types?

      Hello, I'm trying to build a materialized view of a table using the prebuilt option and a pre-built table.

      Oracle gives me an ORA-32304 error, saying it can't do this with user-defined types. The original table has no user-defined types, but does use an sdo_geometry column. Is this what it's complaining about?

      Now I can sort of understand this, but here's my real problem: the materialized view I'm creating is comprised of a subset of the columns from the original table, but not the geometry column. Is Oracle right in refusing my prebuilt request? Does anyone know of a way around this (besides creating the MV from scratch without prebuilt).

      I've successfully created an MV on another table, which doesn't have a spatial column, using the prebuilt option and a subset of columns.

      (I'm using Oracle on both master and slave databases)