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    Administration Groups 12c

      We would like to leverage Administration Groups in 12c. This should help a lot, so that all the templates are applied automatically and keeps the metrics synchronized.
      Targets however can only belong to one such group. We have host targets with databases belonging to different groups. So host level notifications should also be send to multiple groups.
      Does anyone have pointers how this can be accomplished?
      Appreciate the input.
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          Courtney Llamas-Oracle
          Create different Incident Rules for the different target types. Host targets in GroupA -> HostTeamA, DB targets in GroupA -> DBTeamA
          Check out this whitepaper for more details on how to customize the groups and incident rules to fit your enterprise. http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/oem/sys-mgmt/wp-em12c-monitoring-strategies-1564964.pdf
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            ok, but I think that is not yet a solution to the problem.
            We have GroupA, GroupB, GroupC and so on, different target types are belonging to these groups.
            GroupA is interested in receiving "load/cpu" related notification which is monitored at the host level.
            GroupB does not want to receive this "load/cpu" metric but is also having a database on the same host as GroupA.
            Should we still be able to accomplish this using Incident Rules?

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              Courtney Llamas-Oracle
              Yes, you will just have to make your rules very specific as to what they notify on and to whom. And have multiple rules with in a rule set that makes your complete notification.
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                What properties are you using for your administration hierarchy? When you say that you want to send notifications to multiple groups are you talking about EM Groups or groups of administrators? You can specify which groups (as in administrators) get certain notifications by creating rules that specify the events that you are in interested in e.g. load/cpu utilization and then apply those rules to the Admin Group.

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                  Thanks for the update.
                  Ok, looks like at incident rule level you can leave out certain objects and so avoiding a notification to a particular EM Group, you should create rules based on the requirement for each Group.
                  But I also wonder what you would do in case you are monitoring the filesystems on a host having databases belonging to more than one EM Group.
                  GroupA managing DB1 does not want to receive filesystem alerts from DB2 belonging to GroupB, (DB1 & DB2 running on the same host)
                  I've tried to understand how that could be accomplished through Rules. When I edit "Filesystems, Filesystem Space Available (%)" I can select add objects by manually selecting from all available mountpoints which is not very helpful.
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                    Thanks, I think that is somewhat similar to what Courtney is suggesting.