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    how to deal with GI PSU Jan 2013 ?


      I've got RAC11.2.0.3 DB (2 nodes of Linux 64bit)

      I downloaded p14727347_112030_Linux-x86-64.zip (GI_PSU+JanCPU)

      Though I read all README's and QA's I cannot succeed with 'opatch auto' option.
      It's very confusing - one document covers a bit and refers to another, so i cannot get the whole picture.
      I tried to do it manually, let's say successfully, but I want to do it with one command, without having to find out: if one PSU applies to GI or DB or both, and all this mess.
      BTW, is it the best way to find the right mapping by looking at bundle.xml ? This particular README doesn't say what patch is fo which home.

      Note. it includes 2, GI and DB, patches:
      [root@plwrs-vm1 AUTO]# ls /tmp/AUTO/
      14727310 15876003 bundle.xml

      the command is:
      /u01/app/ auto /tmp/AUTO -och /u01/app/ -ocmrf /root/ocm.rsp

      I tried to use 'opatch auto" but it fails:

      2013-02-21 10:46:46: Starting Clusterware Patch Setup
      Using configuration parameter file: /u01/app/
      Clusterware is either not running or not configured. You have the following 2 options
      1. Configure and Start the Clusterware on this node and re-run the tool
      2. or Run the tool with the -och <CRS_HOME_PATH> option and then invoke tool with -oh <comma seperated ORACLE_HOME_LIST> to patch the RDBMS home

      It requires ocr.rsp, so I provided with:

      *How to get it working?* manually ? ;)

      Eventually I've done it manually based on example

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