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    ACFS on Solaris SParc 64 bit??


      Is ACFS supported./available on Sparc 64 bit?
      I did an install and running ASMCA , the tabs were all greyed out.

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          Bjoern Rost
          which version have you installed? According to metalink note 973387.1 ACFS should be available for Solaris SPARC since

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            The initial release of ACFS ( only supported 32-bit Windows 2003 and Linux, specifically OEL and RHEL 5 Update 2 and higher. The limitation was due to the ACFS Dynamic Volume Manager drivers. Patchset added support for Solaris and AIX, however, unlike the other platforms running ACFS on Solaris and AIX appears to require extra cost licenses for CloudFS. Only customers with a support agreement may log into My Oracle Support and download a patchset.

            Since you are using Solaris you need or higher. Starting with the ACFS is available two ways:
            (1) limited functionality as part of the Grid Infrastructure installation included with Enterprise and Standard editions,
            (2) as part of the separately licensed Oracle Cloud File System (CloudFS).

            If you purchase a license for Enterprise or Standard Edition then you can use ACFS to store a restricted set of database support files such as the Oracle Home and ADR, but you cannot store datafiles or non-Oracle files without a license for CloudFS. The "free" version of ACFS has limited functionality. Oracle Note 1322405.1 states, "When upgrading from to, CloudFS licensing is required if using any of the new features in Otherwise, no new licensing is required."

            For a quick overview of the restrictions open http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E11882_01/license.112/e10594/editions.htm#BABDJGGI and search for cloud.

            The new features that require a CloudFS license are described in the ASM Administrator’s Guide and include security settings, encryption, replication, and tagging. A license for CloudFS is also required for any use of ACFS on the AIX and Solaris platforms. Very little details are in the Oracle Database Licensing Information guide, so contact your Oracle sales associate for more information.