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    WebLogic 12c poor performance

      Hello all,

      I’m having a lot of issues related to performance and I would like to share these issues with you, trying to find some support.

      I’m getting high response times when using default value for initial thread pool size (I’m not using application work managers). The behavior that I see is when WebLogic 12c needs to create more threads, performance is very poor!! I’m able to improve performance using a huge value for -Dweblogic.threadpool.MinPoolSize and using -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC algorithm (Parallel GC is not the right algorithm for my application – stop-the-world frequently).

      I don’t really understand why creating threads is having so huge impact on the performance. Why is so poor the use of self-tuning and increasing threads in real time?
      Do you have any experience like this one?

      Using default configuration I’m always seeing threads associated to weblogic.admin.RMI work manager.

      Even using Production Mode the initial size of thread pool is 5. Is not supposed to be 25?
      weblogic.kernel.Default – Default execute threads – Default 25 for Prod and 15 for Dev.

      Thanks in advance.