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    Amount output in Excel not enforcing 2 digits after decimal

      Hello All,

      Good morning.

      I have a RTF template which is being used to pull a report output from Oracle EBS R12 in Excel format.

      There are couple of fields on the report which have to show amount in USD. If the XML is sending output with the decimals e.g. 123.45 then it is being printed properly on the excel column. But if the XML sends output as 123 then instead of 123.00 it comes as 123 on excel output.

      In the 'Text Form Field Options', Type was 'Regular Text'. I changed the Type to 'Number' and Number Format to #,##0.00. But the same thing continues.

      It seems, when there are no zeros after decimal, Excel is formatting those cells as 'General' instead of 'Number' and dropping the zeros.

      Any suggestions on this please?


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